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Rates Schedule

Our friendly Commex Team will be happy to assist you with picking the right hire options for your requirements. Simply drop by our store or phone (07) 3357 7122.

Minimum 1-week rental required. 100 points of ID (drivers licence, credit card, Medicare card etc) required upfront. The total cost of the rental to be paid upfront.

Our sat phones are rented without credit. Credit can be purchased at time of rental to suit your requirments at additional cost.

Isatphone Rental$85

per week

Usage Charges

Example below:-

1 week rental @ $85/wk + 100 unit voucher @ $245 = $330

3 week rental @ $85/wk = $255 + 100 unit voucher @ $245 = $600

7 week rental @ $85/wk = $595 + 100 unit voucher @ $245 = $840

100 units roughly works out to 66 minutes of outgoing airtime you can use for your trip.

Calls to 000 or 112 are FOC