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4 Best UHF Radio Brands You Should Consider on Your First Purchase

A UHF radio is among the most essential tools you should bring when travelling off the grid. In fact, it is as important as a well-packed first aid kit. When you’re going to the outback, you might need a reliable form of communication, especially when phone reception is bad. Many unprepared tourists have experienced the worst while travelling in the vast and remote landscapes of the country. Of course, you don’t want to retell how your dream outback adventure turned [...]


What UHF CB should I buy?

What CB should I buy?  You should be looking for a well-known brand radios such as GME, Icom, Motorola, Kenwood & Uniden, Most UHF CB radios on the market are 80ch – the older units are only 40ch, however both can talk to one another on the 1st 40 channels. 80 Channel UHF CB radios are a versatile communication accessory for use in any vehicle, primarily used in 4WD’s, trucks, campervans and heavy machinery to communicate with other road users. Some of the [...]