IC-A15 (VHF) Icom Air Band Transceiver

IC-A15 (VHF) Icom Air Band Transceiver

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IC-A15 Icom’s most affordable (VHF) Air Band Transceiver (For ground and air operations)

  • Simple operation
  • Rugged construction
  • Output power 5.0 W (PEP) 1.5 W (CW)
  • Loud audio output (BTL Amplifier – 700mW)
  • Full air band coverage (118-136.975 Mhz)
  • 200 memory channels (8 character alpha tagging)
  • BP232N Li-Ion battery supplied (18 Hrs typical)
  • Side tone function, with standard G.A. headsets Icom Auto noise limiter (ANL) reduces pulse noise
  • Water resistant construction (IPX4)

700mW loud audio

Because airband radios often operate in high noise areas, it is essential that users hear communications first time, every time. The IC-A15 employs an amplifier that doubles the audio output through the internal speaker, giving loud, clear audio that will cut through cabin or tarmac noise.

Compact, light weight and rugged body

The IC-A15 series is compact (only 120 mm tall) and light weight (approx. 350 g including antenna and BP-232H). The water resistant construction, equivalent to IPX4, provides reliable operation in wet conditions.

Large capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack

With the 2300 mAh (typ.) large capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-232H, the ICA15/ICA15S series provides stable output power and 20 hours long (approx.) operating time*. The BP-261, battery case takes 6 AA (LR6) alkaline cells for convenient battery backup. * Typical operation, Tx:Rx: Stand-by=5:5:90.

200 channels with memory banks

Up to 200 memory channels can be named individually with an 8-character channel name for easy recognition. For fast, simple operation, channels can be grouped into up to 10 memory banks.

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