CM60-V25B GME Remote Control Mobile Radio Commerical

CM60-V25B GME Remote Control Mobile Radio Commerical

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CM60 P25 remote control mobiles, 25 watt VHF, 5 and 25 watt UHFL and UHF

Professional analogue / P25 mobile radio

The CM60 Remote Control is an analogue / P25 ready mobile radio using the high contrast LCD remote control head model RH006 and heavy duty IP67 fist microphone model MP600B. The Remote Control model comes with a 1.8m interconnect lead fitted between the remote head and radio base unit

The CM60 Remote Control models are available in VHF 136-174MHz, UHFL 403-480MHz and UHF 450-520MHz bands with a dedicated five watt model in the UHFL and UHF bands.

All models are backward compatible with analogue signalling features including MDC1200, multi-tone selective call and CTCSS.

The CM60 series has 1072 (optional 1500) channel capacity programmable in 50 zones. Incremental software license keys are available for P25 conventional, trunked and AES-256/DES encryption. An optional FIPS 140-2 encryption module is also available with publicly listed API’s for 3rd party integrators.

The CM60 models are available as dedicated P25 data and telemetry models using an AT terminal interface.\

Remote Control Models

CM60-V25B + RH006 + MP600B – VHF 136-174MHz, 25 watt

CM60-UL25B + RH006 + MP600B – UHFL 403-480MHz, 25 watt

CM60-U25B + RH006 + MP600B – UHF 450-520MHz, 25 watt

CM60-UL5B + RH006 + MP600B – UHFL 403-480MHz, 5 watt

CM60-U5B + RH006 + MP600B – UHF 450-520MHz, 5 watt

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Also available in Local and LCD Mic versions.


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