RFI CDQ34-71-00 4dBi Q-Fit Whip for CDQ5000/8000


RFI CDQ34-71-00 4dBi Q-Fit Whip for CDQ5000/8000


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CDQ34-71-00 Q-Fit UHF CB Whip 477 MHz for CDQ5000/8000 Series.

The CDQ34-71-00 whip is designed to be used as a short, low gain whip in place of the CDQ5000 or CDQ8000 Q-Fit® whips.

Commex recommend this whip for hilly conditions, when a longer high gain whip in not required or when low heights are an issue. The CDQ34-71-00 can also be used in extremely rugged situations where overhanging branches could damage longer high gain antennas, yet still providing good radio coverage and the convenience to switch back to a high gain whip for longer range communications.


  • Compact stylish design
  • Designed for fast and simple removal when entering low height areas, car washes or for antenna security.
  • Connects directly to Q-Fit® UHF spring assemblies in place of CDQ5000 & CDQ8000 whips
  • Highly Flexible whip


Length :   265mm

Band : 476-478 MHz


Compact UHF CB Q-FIT® Whip Specs


Tip: Use the CDQ34 for Hilly conditions, and your CDQ5000/8000 for flat/highway conditions.


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