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Hytera RD622 Dual-mode Repeater

Hytera RD622 Dual-mode Repeater

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Hytera RD622 Dual-mode Repeater

Compact design, wall mountable and all in one. The RD622 is the ideal repeater for providing indoor radio coverage.

Dual mode digital/analogue allows for a smooth transition into the digital world.

Wide-area coverage enables 2 repeaters to share voice/data by means of a network cable.

Maintenance made simple with a remote network link: The administrator can connect to the repeater using a personal computer and a network connection, then control and monitor the repeater from a remote control room without having to be near it.

You won’t lose connectivity if the power goes down. The RD622 can switch from AC to DC power in the blink of an eye.

Multiple DCS/CTCSS encoding/decoding allows for up to 16 different analogue users to share a single repeater.

Securing a repeater now made simpler with built-in Access Control Management, enabling administrators to prevent unauthorised users from taking up airtime.

Key Features:

  • 136-174MHz (VHF) 400-470MHz (UHF)
  • 16 programmable channels (25/20/12.5kHz spacing)
  • 100% duty cycle
  • 1-25W continuous output
  • Operates in temperatures above -30 degrees C and below 60 degrees C
  • Automatic AC/DC power switching
  • IP remote control/access control/repeater linking
  • Multiple CTCSS/DCS encoding/decoding per channel


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