4 Best UHF Radio Brands You Should Consider on Your First Purchase

4 Best UHF Radio Brands You Should Consider on Your First Purchase

A UHF radio is among the most essential tools you should bring when travelling off the grid. In fact, it is as important as a well-packed first aid kit. When you’re going to the outback, you might need a reliable form of communication, especially when phone reception is bad.

Many unprepared tourists have experienced the worst while travelling in the vast and remote landscapes of the country. Of course, you don’t want to retell how your dream outback adventure turned into a total disaster because you weren’t prepared to bring the best UHF radio.

Want to know which brands should you buy? Read on and find out more.

But, First, Why Is a UHF Radio Essential?

Still quite sceptical about using UHF radios during your outback travels? The best UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio guarantees to deliver seamless and hassle-free communication systems while you explore and journey to the vast expanses of the remote country.

You won’t have to fear when a mechanical failure or driver error is happening. It gives you endless opportunities to reach and communicate with people across considerable distances even without network coverage.

Aside from that, if you like travelling with family and friends in a convoy, you’ll get to enjoy easy, accessible communication throughout the trip. This makes your trip even more hassle-free. It can save you heaps of time by warning trailing vehicles of upcoming obstacles, difficult tracks and oncoming vehicles.

Here are among the top UHF CB radio brands you should consider buying:

ICOM Australia

For over five decades, ICOM has been leading the industry with superb and cost-effective communications solutions. They have practically mastered designing and manufacturing radios for all environments.

Their best UHF radios are engineered with detail and precision. Every radio device can be dropped, driven over, submerged and thrown about and still work to its best capacity. This screams quality and reliability when you’re travelling outdoors.


When you need an easy-to-use and excellent device for your recreational activities, Kenwood is the brand you can trust. Their licence-free radio solutions offer water-resistant features and a robust design. All these aspects help deliver clear & crisp enhanced audio. Whether you need peer to peer communications, multi-channel systems or nationwide IP trunked networks, there’s a Kenwood UHF radio that suits your needs.

GME Australia

Popular for its robust-built and quality, GME’s UHF radios and Australian-made products are extremely capable to withstand the harshest Australian climate. Each product is carefully tested in varying environments to guarantee optimum performance.

GME simulates a variety of conditions in their proprietary and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This way, they can guarantee the best quality. GME Australia also offers a five-year warranty for fixed-mount radios and a two-year for handhelds. Check out our selection of products from GME Australia.


Catering to both NZ and Australian markets, Motorola stocks some of the best UHF radios in the industry. Like ICOM and GME Australia, Motorola doesn’t skimp on quality. Their products are designed and built to last. More than that, they develop products to suit various applications, including 4WD, hiking, farming and agriculture, mining, and more.

Find the Best UHF Radios at Commex!

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